Midwest Colony Mill

In a rapidly evolving agricultural technology landscape, collaboration between farmers and industry experts is key to innovation and productivity. This was exemplified in a recent project by Penner Farm Services and Midwest Colony in Alberta. Starting in March 2020, the project saw meticulous planning and collaboration, culminating in the mill’s completion in January 2022. The state-of-the-art mill, capable of producing … Read More

Manure Aeration Systems: Creating Safer Barns for Livestock & Humans

Did you know aerated manure can yield a 15% increase in grass/crop regrowth, along with a 57% reduction in CH4 emission? By installing a Smart Manure Aeration System in your dairy barn, the need for tractor driven agitation is replaced with a low-pressure, high-volume electric motor with root style blower pump. Air is pulled into the pump, creating a high-volume, … Read More

Farming Partner Feature: Blue Ribbon Swine

Blue Ribbon Swine, located in Southern Manitoba, is a new build that is home to over 3500 sows that is just one part of the Henervic Farms operation. Craig Sawatzky and his family have been farming for decades, with Craig being the third generation to step up and take on managing an aspect of the Hog & Grain operation, all … Read More

Farming Partner Feature: Gringo Hogs

Joel Grenier is a 2nd generation farmer from St Labre, Manitoba. The land his hog farm, Gringo Hogs, resides on has been in his family for over 100 years. In 2002, they built a 2000 head finisher barn and immediately saw land benefits with manure application. 2004 saw barn number two constructed. Through Maple Leaf Agri-Farms, and with Topigs Canada … Read More

Spotlight Focus: Hog Division

Hercules Arm by Ro-Main Efficiency, safety and maneuverability are the three prominent features of the Hercules Arm by Conception Ro-Main. Removing the need for multiple persons to remove dead stock, the Hercules Arm allows for a single operator to remove the heaviest of pigs from confined and narrow spaces with ease and no risk of harm! The Hercules Arm features … Read More