Manure Aeration Systems: Creating Safer Barns for Livestock & Humans

Did you know aerated manure can yield a 15% increase in grass/crop regrowth, along with a 57% reduction in CH4 emission?

By installing a Smart Manure Aeration System in your dairy barn, the need for tractor driven agitation is replaced with a low-pressure, high-volume electric motor with root style blower pump. Air is pulled into the pump, creating a high-volume, low pressure air supply. This air is distributed through the manifolds to aerate and mix the manure on a timed system, typically running 3 or 4 times per day.

Reduction in Lead Time and Labour Usage

The scheduled agitation negates the need for labor to prepare manure, but also provides a consistently pumpable state, 365 days a year. Frequent agitation also allows methane and hydrogen sulfide to be released slowly and consistently, dispersing in a safe way for both humans and livestock. This also reduces chances of explosions due to gas build up.

Nutrient Value Increase

When your manure is aerated, ammonia nitrogen values can increase by up to 70%, increasing cost savings and reducing additional nitrogen purchase and application needs. This increase in nutrients alone will lend itself to payback the system in four to six years!

Reduction in Emissions

Greenhouse Gas reduction certainly is a hot topic around Agriculture, with more pressure being placed on the producers to reduce their carbon footprint. DairyPower Smart Manure Aeration Systems are proven to reduce up to 42% for Dairy Manure over untreated dairy manure (53.3kg CO2 eq. m3 vs 92.4kg CO2 eq. m3)

Ideal For Dairy, Hog, and Beef

Facilities that employ slatted flooring, pit storage, concrete tanks, slurry stores and lined lagoons are all candidates for the Smart Manure Aeration system. In addition, treatment plants and industrial sites could benefit from the Smart Manure Aeration system.

manure aeration system

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