Spotlight Focus: Hog Division

Introducing SeeLow by Agrimesh, the Wireless Bin Sensor

Monitoring and managing your feed bin levels has never been easier, or safer than with SeeLow by Agrimesh. This wireless sensor is installed on each bin, giving you real-time information from the ground. The WiseMesh technology included in the system creates its’ very own network, removing the need for an internet connection. For more information, please see below.

Hercules Arm by Ro-Main

Efficiency, safety and maneuverability are the three prominent features of the Hercules Arm by Conception Ro-Main.

Removing the need for multiple persons to remove dead stock, the Hercules Arm allows for a single operator to remove the heaviest of pigs from confined and narrow spaces with ease and no risk of harm!

The Hercules Arm features a tiltable, telescopic boom with a 180 pivotal mast. It easily turns tight corners in the barn, maneuvering around any obstacles with ease and agility.


  • Industrial built
  • Mighty Winch 2500 lbs (1136 Kg)
  • Flat proof silicone-filled tires
  • Tiltable telescopic boom
  • Articulated chassis (option) with front steering system
  • 180° pivotal mast
  • Rechargeable gel batteries
  • Built-in battery charger (24v)
  • Stainless steel winch cable
  • Width: 20″ (50,8 cm)
  • Minimal Mast Height: 74″ (188 cm)
  • Maximal Mast Height: 98″ (248,9 cm

How Can Penner Farm Services assist your Farm?

Our services start from concept through production, and beyond. Our dedicated team will assist in Design-Build, provide Equipment, offer Services, and are there for your ongoing Supply needs. NEW in 2020 – our supply offerings are available for browsing or purchasing online at Horizon Livestock & Poultry Supply.

To see how Penner Farm Services can help you build and live your visions and dreams, see the Farming Partner Feature video covering Gringo Hogs, below.