Spotlight Focus: Hog Division

Hercules Arm by Ro-Main

Efficiency, safety and maneuverability are the three prominent features of the Hercules Arm by Conception Ro-Main.

Removing the need for multiple persons to remove dead stock, the Hercules Arm allows for a single operator to remove the heaviest of pigs from confined and narrow spaces with ease and no risk of harm!

The Hercules Arm features a tiltable, telescopic boom with a 180 pivotal mast. It easily turns tight corners in the barn, maneuvering around any obstacles with ease and agility.


  • Industrial built
  • Mighty Winch 2500 lbs (1136 Kg)
  • Flat proof silicone-filled tires
  • Tiltable telescopic boom
  • Articulated chassis (option) with front steering system
  • 180° pivotal mast
  • Rechargeable gel batteries
  • Built-in battery charger (24v)
  • Stainless steel winch cable
  • Width: 20″ (50,8 cm)
  • Minimal Mast Height: 74″ (188 cm)
  • Maximal Mast Height: 98″ (248,9 cm

How Can Penner Farm Services assist your Farm?

Our services start from concept through production, and beyond. Our dedicated team will assist in Design-Build, provide Equipment, offer Services, and are there for your ongoing Supply needs. NEW in 2020 – our supply offerings are available for browsing or purchasing online at Horizon Livestock & Poultry Supply.

To see how Penner Farm Services can help you build and live your visions and dreams, see the Farming Partner Feature video covering Gringo Hogs, below.