Farming Partner Feature: Blue Ribbon Swine

Blue Ribbon Swine, located in Southern Manitoba, is a new build that is home to over 3500 sows that is just one part of the Henervic Farms operation.

Craig Sawatzky and his family have been farming for decades, with Craig being the third generation to step up and take on managing an aspect of the Hog & Grain operation, all the while leaning on Penner Farm Services expertise throughout the years.

The entire farrowing barn is monitored by a Maximus Solutions Controller, with the ventilation, feed system, heat mats, farrowing crate feeders, bin levels and more being controlled by the Maximus system, allowing them instant access to real-time data as well as remote access.


There are 11 Cumberland feed bins on site, with flex augers feeding the chain disk system. Each farrowing stall features individual feeders, which feeds a specific amount dependent on the sow.

Heating & Cooling

LB White heaters are placed throughout the barn, supplying the heat while the basement Plenum, the first of its’ kind, directs air from outside into the barns, allowing the sows and piglets access to constant fresh, cooler air, making for a much more comfortable environment. All the ventilation equipment is made by Better Air, right here in Manitoba.

Stalls & Flooring

Within the farrowing rooms, Sierens Equipment stalls were installed, featuring free floating slide bars, stainless steel floor tabs, rubber bumpers, Shepherd Cane door latches and standard creep channels. The piglets are kept comfortable and at a safe and ideal temperature thanks to Hog Hearth Heat Mats.

The flooring throughout the gestation barn is Barkman concrete slatted floors, whereas the farrowing room is Dura Trac by ADA, 100% coated in Plastisol.

The ADA Farrowing Room Flooring features traction bars on standard welded row sections, a cast iron centre to keep the sow cool and comfortable, solid plates preventing drafts on the piglets, all of which were, as always, custom built to the barns and customers specs.

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