Midwest Colony Mill

In a rapidly evolving agricultural technology landscape, collaboration between farmers and industry experts is key to innovation and productivity. This was exemplified in a recent project by Penner Farm Services and Midwest Colony in Alberta. Starting in March 2020, the project saw meticulous planning and collaboration, culminating in the mill’s completion in January 2022. The state-of-the-art mill, capable of producing … Read More

Welcome to the Family, Dundas Agri Systems!

We are elated to announce that Dundas Agri Systems, a revered and respected Lely and Boumatic provider in Eastern Ontario, has joined the AgriHub group of companies! Please view the official press below.

Manure Aeration Systems: Creating Safer Barns for Livestock & Humans

Did you know aerated manure can yield a 15% increase in grass/crop regrowth, along with a 57% reduction in CH4 emission? By installing a Smart Manure Aeration System in your dairy barn, the need for tractor driven agitation is replaced with a low-pressure, high-volume electric motor with root style blower pump. Air is pulled into the pump, creating a high-volume, … Read More

The Lely Juno

Readily available feed for your cows around the clock. The Lely Juno runs on a schedule determined by you, frequently pushing feed for your cows. Providing your herd with consistent, easy access to feed you are giving them a wide variety of benefits including improved fertility, production and animal health. Not only does your Lely Juno provide you with flexibility … Read More

Agricultural Clean Technology Program

The Agricultural Clean Technology Program is aimed at the adoption of clean tech for Canada’s strengthened climate plan, ‘A Healthy and Environment and a Healthy Economy’. Agri-businesses (including producers) can seek funding for eligible activities such as: Green Energy & Energy Efficiency Precision Agriculture Bio-economy Solutions What does this mean for you? You can take advantage of funding up to 50% on items … Read More

Dairy Clean Technology Program Utilization

As part of Canada’s Initiative to implement a strong Climate Plan, the Agricultural Clean Technology Program has been introduced and is offering funding to Producers. Program priorities include: Green Energy, Energy Efficient Precision Agriculture Bioeconomy Solutions Let us sweeten the deal for you! Enter to win a variety of prizes when you make certain purchases by December 31, 2021. For … Read More

WIN a Lely Cow!

A question we are asked constantly is ‘How do I get one of the Lely Cow Statues?!’ Did you know we typically do NOT sell them, unless you elect to install Lely Astronaut Robots (smart choice, by the way)? Here’s your chance to WIN a Lely Cow! Simply fill out the form below to sign up for the Penner Farm … Read More

Case Study: Halarda Farms

Halarda Farms Ltd. is one of Manitoba’s largest dairies, and has been continuously growing with Lely robots since 2009. They have slowly expanded their operation from 100 milking cows in 1984 to 1,280 milking cows at present. Through their research they found farmers using Lely robots were much happier, this information helped to solidify their decision. Read the attached pdf … Read More

2021 Western Canadian Dairy Seminar

How Can Penner Farm Services help your farm? Take a walk through a few of the Dairy Farms we have worked with in your area. From Lely Astronaut Automated Milking Robots, to Canarm Stalls, Kraiburg Mats and Sun North Ventilation systems, we have you covered from concept through production! Explore Starlane Holsteins: Explore Buit Dairy: Explore Halarda Farms: Enter to … Read More

Case Study: Folsom Dairy

The search for more is usually what triggers a producers’ research into Automated Milking – whether it’s more liters, an expansion, or more freedom – all of which the Lely Astronaut can offer, which is exactly what Chad Folsom of Folsom Dairy in Alberta discovered.  A fifth-generation farmer, Chad was milking 300 cows in a double-12 parallel parlor. Feeling the … Read More