The Lely Juno

Readily available feed for your cows around the clock.

The Lely Juno runs on a schedule determined by you, frequently pushing feed for your cows. Providing your herd with consistent, easy access to feed you are giving them a wide variety of benefits including improved fertility, production and animal health.

Not only does your Lely Juno provide you with flexibility with your time, the machine itself can be equipped with flexible customized options. A smart skirt lifter will help reduce wear and tear while allowing for right and left pushing; Barn door control allows the Juno to let itself in and out; Electric bumper protection and LED light which increases visibility at night can all be added.

When you put a single Juno to work in your barn, you will be saving upwards of 180 hours of labour per year. Contact us today to see how the Lely Juno can be put to work in your barn.