Dairy Clean Technology Program Utilization

As part of Canada’s Initiative to implement a strong Climate Plan, the Agricultural Clean Technology Program has been introduced and is offering funding to Producers.

Program priorities include:

  • Green Energy, Energy Efficient
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Bioeconomy Solutions

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Some of the items we are recommending include:


As a Dairy Farm owner, you understand how crucial cow comfort is to the herd health and milk production is to your operation. Updating and upgrading your stall mats is a quick and easy solution to increase cow comfort.

Bioret Aquastar waterbeds are the solution to increased cow comfort, fighting heat stress, providing a soft water kneeboard.


The Kraiburg KEW Plus offers more space between the neck rail and brisket board, avoiding injuries to carpal joints. ,

Keenan inTouch Controller

The inTouch Controller helps to prevent under or over processing, greater accuracy in loading, mixing and feedouts, as well as ensuring a consistent TMR in every load of feed. The Controller is programmable with up to 99 diets, accessible by any wireless device with the App available on iOS or Android, and provides detailed graphs, reports,

Lely Juno Feeding Solution

Increasing your feed pushing with an automated feed solution means you do not have to delegate the job to someone at 3:00am – the Juno has you covered. When making feed more accessible to your herd, intake will increase along with fertility, animal health and production.

Canarm Back Barn Items

Our preference for feed locks, waterers, gates, stalls, calf suites and much more, the Canarm line of back barn items make it easy to update outdated, worn, or broken equipment for newer styles and increased comfort and accessibility.

Ventilation Upgrades

Maybe you’ve considered a Maximus System in the past but thought it was more relevant for a Hog or Poultry barn – this couldn’t be further from the truth. Plenty of Dairy barns are implementing wireless and automated controls to properly ventilate, cool and heat their barn, while controlling the lighting to become more energy efficient.

HiPerForm Controls by Mueller

Designed for use in both traditional and robotic barns, the Mueller HiPerForm wash and cooling control unit retrofits into any milk cooler program. The HiPerForm unit provides a cloud-based interface with immediate reporting of milk cooling status, volume, temperatures, alerts and more – all accessible via your smart phone.

Energrow Automated Pressing Systems

The Energrow Soybean Pressing systems converts your harvested beans into fresh soymeal and oil – providing you with a feed alternative while also extracting the oil for use or sale.