Diesel Savings of up to 20%

Let us help you enhance your diesel engines efficiency by about 20% As farmers, we depend on fuel-hungry machines daily, tractors, skid steers, semis, and more. Unfortunately, the recent surges in fuel costs seem to be sticking around, and finding new and worthwhile solutions to save on fuel costs can seem like a tall order. We’re excited to introduce a … Read More

What Exactly is Regenerative Agriculture?

By definition, the two separate terms are as follows: Regenerative – adjective, relating to something growing or being grown again. Agriculture – noun, the practice or work of farming. Wait – isn’t that somewhat repetitive? When we take a step back and look at Agriculture, the premise is to repeat and build on the successes of the past year. For … Read More

Introducing: Regenerative Agriculture Division

Established & Proven Solutions For Resilient and Regenerative Controlled Environment Agriculture Penner Farm Services is pleased to announce the formation of a Regenerative Agriculture Division. This new division will offer Dairy, Hog, Poultry and Grain farmers, as well as municipalities and other groups proven solutions to meet needs for resiliency, sustainability, and environmental impact in an economically beneficial fashion. The … Read More