Introducing: Regenerative Agriculture Division

Established & Proven Solutions For Resilient and Regenerative Controlled Environment Agriculture

Penner Farm Services is pleased to announce the formation of a Regenerative Agriculture Division. This new division will offer Dairy, Hog, Poultry and Grain farmers, as well as municipalities and other groups proven solutions to meet needs for resiliency, sustainability, and environmental impact in an economically beneficial fashion. The formation of the division, along with the newly attained Canadian Biogas Association membership, will allow us to walk out our Core Values and beliefs around being good stewards of the land and environment.

“Penner Farm Services has been providing an economic advantage to our customers since the 1950’s by assisting with the advancement of technologies that save farmers money and enhance productivity. In today’s turbulent times with tax increases, high inflation, supply chain issues and the like, Penner has worked with several well-established companies to now offer a full line of proven solutions that assist with self-resiliency, regenerative farming as well as economically meeting sustainability demands,” said Jeremy Hildebrand, CEO of AgriHub Inc, the parent company for Penner Farm Services.

Though the official recognition of the new Regenerative Agriculture Division is recent, the company has been providing a variety of solutions that fall into this category for years, such as green bedding solutions, water recovery systems, nutrient management and more.

Positive Customer Impact

A particularly exciting product up for introduction, is a vertical fodder grow system, negating the need to purchase or rent increasingly costly acreage. Michael Hurst, the inventor of the system, and consultant who previously worked with Bateman Dairy Farms on implementing such a system in a Sprung Structure, states “Bateman Dairy Farms have realized benefits of the system including an approximate 20% increase in dairy output with higher nutritional value and a beef grade improvement. The fodder system within a less than 15,000 square foot Sprung Structure is equivalent to 500 acres of crop land while using less water and no heating or cooling requirement for the controlled environment atmosphere,” after 4 years of experience.

This is but one aspect of the Sustainable and Regenerative Division, which also will include: alternative energy systems (i.e., cogeneration or solar PV), Sprung Structures multi-use buildings, aquaponics, biodiesel and bio-gas solutions, and more.

About Penner Farm Services

Founded in 1956, Penner Farm Services is the Canadian leader in farm productivity technologies. With locations in both Alberta and Manitoba, their total farmyard solutions are extensive and only growing. PFS is a part of the AgriHub group of companies which is headquartered in Winnipeg, MB. AgriHub and its Operating Brands are dedicated to the provision of solutions for land, water and environmental impact reduction for their farming partners, employees, and community.