Midwest Colony Mill

In a rapidly evolving agricultural technology landscape, collaboration between farmers and industry experts is key to innovation and productivity. This was exemplified in a recent project by Penner Farm Services and Midwest Colony in Alberta. Starting in March 2020, the project saw meticulous planning and collaboration, culminating in the mill’s completion in January 2022. The state-of-the-art mill, capable of producing … Read More

Enhancing Farm Efficiency: A Successful Grain Handling System Implementation

Drone Image of Grain Handling and Storage System

Creating efficiencies on the farm is often a top priority when considering capital and equipment investments. Equipment breakdowns, insufficient storage, or using inadequate tools can lead to time and production losses, ultimately impacting long-term profitability. Peace View Colony in Taylor, BC faced these challenges during their 2020 harvest. They required a more efficient way to handle their crops, including quick … Read More

Sukup Grain Dryer Information Webinar

Sukup generally hosts a yearly Dryer Startup Meeting in August where new dryer customers are invited to Sheffield for a plant tour and instructional class about operating a Sukup dryer.  Due to COVID-19 gathering and travel restrictions, Sukup has opted to hold this training as a virtual event this year! Here are the topics we will cover: -Overview of the … Read More