By definition, the two separate terms are as follows:

Regenerativeadjective, relating to something growing or being grown again.

Agriculturenoun, the practice or work of farming.

Wait – isn’t that somewhat repetitive? When we take a step back and look at Agriculture, the premise is to repeat and build on the successes of the past year. For example, dairy farming. Cows are bred to produce offspring but as a result they produce milk to collect. Those same farmers plant crops to produce feed for their dairy cows.  This is a cycle that is repeated year after year.

The world’s population is growing at alarming rates and land is being reallocated for urban development.  Producers are feeling the pressure to seek out options for increasing efficiency and output for their operations. Producers within Agriculture work hard to be good stewards of the land, with an understanding that what they put in will directly impact what they receive. Practices such as no-till or reduced till farming, cover crops, tailwater collection systems are already in place, but the need to be even more efficient is prevalent.

We are looking to bring new and existing solutions to you, our farming partners, as viable, sustainable, regenerative agriculture products that will allow you to access grants, funding for special projects, and ROI in a short amount of time.

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Vertical Growing Systems

We are thrilled to bring the idea of vertical growing to the prairies. These towers require 95% less water than irrigated fields, free up 500 acres for other usage, provide up to 365 harvests per year (with zero waste) and is 90% digestible. Did we mention that harvesting can be done in minutes, not over a season?

The potential for these towers is enormous as land prices, inputs and feed prices increase what seems to be daily. Learn more by contacting us here.