Investing in new equipment and implementing a new system must be justified on any dairy unit. As a producer, you need to make sure that you see a solid return on your investments. With an automatic milking system, milk yields typically increase and producers can expect to see the highest lifetime production per cow. This is because cows are milked more frequently through an automatic milking system – 2.7 times a day, on average. Improving income from the dairy herd is driven by reduced labor and more milk. Explore the possibilities within your herd. Use accurate, real-time information on yield, protein, butter fat, milk speed and health traits. Breed in the good traits and breed out the bad

Improved herd health and welfare More income can also be the result of increased stock sales, particularly sales of surplus heifers. Achieving this relies on a lower herd replacement rate through better cow health, which in turn means fewer involuntary culls. An Astronaut contributes to better herd health and welfare, with fewer cows experiencing lameness, injury and mastitis issues. In the longer term, these advantages improve the return on investment of the Lely Astronaut. Consistent input and output Relying less on labor and knowing the Astronaut’s running costs, along with a more consistent and predictable milk yield, will provide the business with a steady cash flow.

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