Milling and Grain Handling

Milling and grain handling is a rapidly-growing service area for Penner Farm Services. Our established products include well-known vendors such as Easy Automation, Sukup Manufacturing Co., and Meridian Manufacturing Inc. To better serve our customers, we have recently expanded our offering with vendors like RAD Equipment and Optimum Manufacturing.

How we help

Penner Farm Services works with you to develop a concept that fits your needs and budget. With years of experience in designing and installing feed mills and grain handling facilities, our staff will work alongside you from initial design to final installation. Whether it’s a small on-farm milling set-up, commercial feed mill, or on-farm grain handling system, we have the full capability to deliver your project.

Our vendors

RAD Equipment

  • Bucket elevators
  • Utility augers
  • U-troughs
  • Drag conveyors
  • Milling equipment

Easy Automation

  • Batching software
  • HMI Controls
  • Bulk bags
  • MFP mixer
  • Micro-systems
  • Weigh hopper


  • Grain bins
  • Grain dryers
  • Material handling

Optimum Manufacturing

  • Feed bins
  • Grain bins


  • Bins
  • Storage