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Lely Red Barn Promo
  • Lely Red Barn Promotion

    They're back - the Lely Red Barn and Customer Loyalty promotions! If you've had your eye on barn or feeding equipment from Lely, the time to buy is now.

    Under the LELY RED BARN promotion, customers who do not have Lely robotics in their barn are eligible for the following discounts:

    A. Luna - $100 off
    B. Cosmix, Grazeway, Walkway or Calm - $500 off per item
    C. Discovery S & SW or Juno Flex - $750 off per item

    Select as many items as you would like to purchase - the more items you buy, the deeper the discount. When you purchase from one category (A, B or C), your discount is multiplied by one. If you purchase from two categories, your multiplier is two; if you purchase from three categories, your multiplier is three*!

    Purchase One Cosmix - $500 x 1 = $500 total discount.
    Purchase one Luna & one Calm - $600 x 2 = $1,200 total discount.
    Purchase one Luna, one Walkway, one Juno Flex - $1350 x 3 = $4,050 total discount!

    Already living the Lely life with Penner Farm Services? We have a couple special offers for you:
    $500 off of a Luna
    $4,000 off of a Juno Flex

    Contact your local Lely sales rep today to submit your order!
    Blumenort: 204.326.3781
    Lacombe: 403.782.0675

    *maximum discount multiplier is three, multiplier does not apply to $500 Luna or $4,000 Juno Flex discount. Promotion ends on November 30th, 2019. Cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount program.