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Lely Discovery Mobile Barn Cleaner
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  • Discovery mobile barn cleaner

    The Discovery Mobile Barn Cleaner provides an intelligent solution, which meets the growing need of dairy farmers for optimum hygiene in their cow housings. The mobile barn cleaner features robot technology and is used with flexibility and thoroughness to ensure that the cow housing slatted floor is kept as clean as possible to guarantee the walking comfort of the cows as well as hygiene. The Discovery Mobile Barn Cleaner moves across the barn without any noticeable disturbance to the cows. There is no need for additional facilities or modifications.

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  • Advantages

    The Discovery Mobile Barn Cleaner is a battery-driven vehicle, which cleans the floors of a barn to ensure that the cows can walk on a clean and dry floor. The dairy farmer uses the E-link remote control to pre-program the routing to be followed by the Discovery. The Discovery is driven and steered by two wheels. The large horizontal wheel follows the walls and it avoids obstacles, if any. The built-in ultrasound sensor ensures that the Discovery follows the walls at a pre-determined distance.

    A special element of the design of the Discovery Barn Cleaner is the so-called ring at the front. This feature prevents the device from being blocked so that it cannot get stuck. In addition, the ring ensures proper following of walls as well as steering clear of obstacles.

    The Discovery Mobile Barn Cleaner is suited for all level slatted floors as well as rubber slatted floors.

    All in all: the Discovery Mobile Barn Cleaner provides a flexible, competitive, easy-to install and animal-friendly system for keeping your cow housing clean - 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

  • Improved Welfare for Farmers and their Cows

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