New Product: Seelow by Agrimesh

Monitoring and managing your feed bin levels has never been easier, or safer than with SeeLow by Agrimesh. This wireless sensor is installed on each bin, giving you real-time information from the ground. For more information, please see below.


Quick and easy installation!

Seelow works with both flat or angled roofs, automatically adjusting to an optimal positioning for precise measurements of the laser.

Solar Powered

Low energy consumption, due to Seelow being a wireless solar powered unit. The Seelow device records hourly measurements reporting real-time inventory. On-demand readings available when needed.

Patented Mechanism for Dust Protection

With its patented dust protection mechanism, the Seelow system helps keep the laser clean and allows for constant precision measurements.

Health & Safety

Once Seelow is installed, it is no longer necessary to climb your feed bin to check on inventory levels.

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