Current Features

Maximus System
Automation and remote management in your hands
  • Features
    • Graph reference for settings
    • Compatible with most popular hand held devices
    • Dependable hardware with 5 year warranty
    • Multi-room operation
    • I-Novarum compatible
    • Alarms by text or email
    • Current draw and temperature readings of all variable and relay outputs
    • Fuse protection on all relays and variables
    • Auto-winching for feed and water lines
    • Static pressure compensation
    • Zone temperature compensation for inlets
    • Outside temperature compensation for ventilation
    • Diagnostic menu
    • Much more...
  • Benefits
    1. Increase your profitability by reducing operational costs and maintaining the well-being of your animals
    2. Optimize conditions in your facilities
    3. Automate management of parameters such as feeding, temperature, lighting, air quality, etc.
    4. Remotely control your system using multi-platform software (computer, smartphone, tablet)
    5. Upgrade and adapt your system as your company develops
    6. Automate your I-Novarum production management system data collection
    7. Improve energy efficiency
    8. Receive quick and simple web updates ensuring optimal technological solutions
    9. Experience unmatched, real-time service
    10. Access the information you want, when you want it
    11. Guarantee your peace of mind!

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  • Maximus on Your Smartwatch
    • Receive notifications and alarms
    • Make calls
    • Remotely control your barn
    • ...all from your wrist!
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